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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Working out and paying your rates bill

Land & Property Services, (LPS) is the agency that collects rates. Your rate bill is based on your property's capital value and the council area you live in. A rate bill has 2 elements

  • the regional rate for Northern Ireland, decided by the NI Assembly, and
  • a district rate, decided by your own council.

You can work out how much your rates bill will be at the Department of Finance website.

Appealing your rates bill

You can challenge your rates bill by appealing your capital value. You can appeal the capital value of your home if you think it is too high.  You need to keep paying your rates while you appeal. You will get a refund of any money you've overpaid if LPS agrees that the valuation is too high. 

The appeal process consists of three stages:

  • contact LPS for the initial application;
  • contact the Commissioner of Valuation at LPS if you are still unhappy;
  • make a further appeal to the Northern Ireland Independent Valuation Tribunal.

Paying your rates

You can pay your rates

  • by a regular direct debit
  • in a lump sum
  • in instalments using the QuickPay card attached to your bill.

If you don’t pay your rates LPS may take you to court. 

Get advice if you owe rates and need help.

Help with your rates

You may be able to get help with rates by applying for 

Our advisers can answer your questions about help with rates.