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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Redeveloping an area

An area scheduled for redevelopment can contain properties owned privately or properties owned by housing associations or the Housing Executive.  At least one third of the properties in a redevelopment area must be considered to be unfit for human habitation.

The Housing Executive will draw up its scheme for redeveloping the area.  This will outline the number and type of houses to be built, the facilities that will be provided in the area and its plans to rehouse the current residents of the area.

Objections to the plans

The Housing Executive must apply for a 'vesting order' or compulsory purchase order before starting a redevelopment scheme. If you have any objections to the proposed scheme you must complain within a month of the Housing Executive's application. The Department for Communities will hold a public enquiry if there are any objections to the redevelopment scheme.

Public enquiry

The Department for Communities will appoint an inspector to investigate the objections to the redevelopment scheme. The inspector will report back to the Department for Communities before it decides whether or not to accept the application.

The Department for Communitiesdoesn't have to accept the inspector's findings. You may be able to apply to the High Court if you are unhappy with the decision of the Department for Communities. Get specialist legal advice if you are in this situation.