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Possession order granted against your home

If the Chancery Master grants your lender possession, the lender has to apply to the Enforcement of Judgments Office to enforce the court's decision. Even at this late stage, you may be able to avoid having to leave your home if you can come up with a realistic proposal of repaying the money owed.

Don't ignore letters from the Enforcement of Judgments Office. You may still be able to figure out a way to repay your debt during the enforcement period and avoid having to leave your home. It will be harder to come to an agreement with your lender if you aren't co-operating.

Once the court reached a decision that you have to leave your home, your lender must apply to the Enforcement of Judgements Office to enforce the decision. You will have to pay the Enforcement of Judgements Office fees. These will probably be added to the balance owed on your mortgage.

If your home is repossessed you will need to find somewhere else to live. If you lost your home because of debt problems it may be more difficult to find a place to rent or buy.

When your home is repossessed it is usually sold to pay off your debts. This will also happen if you hand over the keys to your home voluntarily. The money you get may not be enough to cover everything you owe.

If the money from the sale of your home isn't enough to cover your debts, you will still owe the outstanding amount to your lender or mortgage indemnity insurer.

You should only give back the keys to your property if you're absolutely sure that there's no way you can keep your home. Make sure you speak to an adviser at our Mortgage Debt Advice Service before you take this drastic step.