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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Renting privately - video tips

The secret to having a good rental experience is knowing your rights and making sure you've thoroughly inspected the property before you move in. Watch this video for some top tips on avoiding problems.

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The video is packed with top tips on how to find a rented home that’s right for you and explains what you can do to keep a roof over your head. Use the links below to share this video with friends and family on Facebook or Twitter.

Private tenants, know your rights…

There are certain rights that all private tenants have.

Depending on when you moved into your home, you may have certain extra rights. If you moved in after April 2007, your landlord must

If you paid a deposit after 1 April 2013, your landlord must protect your money in an approved scheme and give you details about the scheme within 28 days of receiving the deposit.

Getting help from the council

Get in touch with your local council if you’ve been denied any of these rights.  Your tenancy agreement can’t take away your basic legal rights but can add extra rights and extra responsibilities so it’s really important to read it carefully before signing it.

Get help if you're having problems with your rented home

There's a huge section on this website that covers everything you need to know about renting privately in Northern Ireland, whether you're the tenant or the landlord.  You can speak to an adviser at Housing Rights if you need help dealing with a housing problem.