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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Repairs grant

A repairs grant is available to help cover the cost of carrying out repairs required after your local council has issued certain types of statutory notices You can get up to £7,500 depending on the type of work needed.

Qualifying work

Repairs grants can help landlords who have been served with specific notices requiring that they do remedial work to improve a property. You may be entitled to a Repairs Grant if

  • the council has inspected the property and issued the property with a Public Health Notice or
  • the property is a protected tenancy and the council has issued a Notice of Disrepair  

If your property has been issued with a public health notice you should start the work immediately.  You can apply for the grant while the work is underway. 

If your property is a protected tenancy which has been issued with a Notice of Disrepair you'll need the Housing Executive's written permission before starting work if you wish to apply for a Repairs Grant. 

Maximum payable

You can get a maximum grant of £7,500. The amount of grant available doesn't depend on your income but on:

  • the type of work needed
  • the Net Annual Valuation (NAV) of the property.

You can get the NAV of your property from the Land and Property Services websiteThe amount you get is worked out using a percentage calculation based on your NAV.

The Housing Executive will pay the grant when the work is completed to its satisfaction and they have received your accounts, receipts and any building certificates which they require from you.  Contact your local Housing Executive grant office to find out more about applying for this grant.