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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Right to buy discounts

The maximum discount available to Housing Executive or housing association tenants applying to buy their home is £24,000.  The amount of discount you’ll get depends on how long you’ve lived in the property and how much of the property you’re buying.

Working out the purchase price

An independent valuer will work out what your property would currently sell for on the property market.  If you’ve paid for improvements in the property, the valuer won’t include these improvements in the valuation. Your discount will be subtracted from this valuation and that’s the price you’ll pay as long as it’s higher than whatever has been spent on building or improving the property in the last 10 years.

The property has to be sold for a higher price than what your landlord has spent on the property in the last 10 years.  This doesn’t include the cost for repairs, just the costs of building or renovating the property. If you’re not happy with the valuation provided you can ask Land & Property Services to assess the property’s value.

Working out your discount

If you’re buying 100% of the property you’ll get a maximum discount of £24,000.  Your discount will be 20% if you’ve lived in the property for 5 years. You’ll get an extra 2% discount for every extra year, up to a maximum discount of 60% of the valuation or £24,000. 

If you’re buying shares in your property, your discount is worked out differently. Speak to your landlord to find out how the discount is calculated under the equity sharing scheme. 

Buying a share in the property

If you buy a share in the property, you’ll have to pay rent on whatever portion of the house your landlord still owns.  If you’re using a mortgage to help you buy the property, you’ll also have to pay that back every month.

Once you buy a share in the property you’ll become responsible for paying for all repairs in the property.  You might also have to pay an annual service charge to your landlord.