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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Right to repair scheme for housing associations

Most housing associations have a Right to Repair scheme for their tenants.  The point of these schemes is to make sure that tenants can get low cost, urgent repairs done quickly. 

Using the Right to Repair scheme

Contact your housing association to find out if it operates a right to repair scheme.  Ask for a copy of the procedure you have to follow.

You can only use the scheme for certain types of repair. The scheme will usually cover small repairs which could cause a health or safety problem if they’re not dealt with fairly quickly. It won’t cover repairs that will cost more than £250.

Financial compensation under Right to Repair

When you report a repair your housing association should write to you to tell you

  • if the repair qualifies for the Right to Repair scheme
  • the name of the contractor who will be doing the work
  • the date that the work should be finished by

If the problem isn’t fixed by the date in the letter, you need to contact your Housing Association to let them know.  You may be entitled to compensation for every extra day you have to wait for the problem to be sorted out.  You’ll get £10 for the first day and £2 for every additional day.  The maximum you can get in compensation is £50.

Contact your housing association to ask if it runs a Right to Repair scheme and for the details of the scheme.

Exceptions from Right to Repair

You won’t get compensation if the delay in carrying out the repair was due to something your housing association couldn’t control; like bad weather or the contractors couldn’t get into the property at reasonable times.