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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Right to repair scheme for housing associations

Your housing association may have a right to repair scheme. Ask your landlord to send you the rules for their scheme.

This scheme makes sure you can get certain repairs done quickly. You get up to £50 compensation if the repairs aren't done in time.

Types of repairs

You can use the right to repair scheme for repairs that

  • would cause a health or safety problem if not fixed quickly
  • would cost less than £250 to fix

You can't use the right to repair scheme if the delay in fixing the problem is not your landlord's fault.

Reporting a repair

When you report a repair, your landlord should contact you to confirm

  • the name of the contractor who will do the work
  • the date the work will be finished by
  • whether the repair qualifies for right to repair

Getting compensation if your repair isn't done in time

You can get compensation if

  • your repair qualifies for the right to repair, and
  • the work isn't done by the date it should have been, and
  • the delay is your landlord's fault

Write to your landlord to let them know the work wasn't done by the date they said. 

You get £10 compensation for the first day the work is late. You get another £2 for every extra day the work is late. The most you can get is £50. 

Contact your landlord and ask for details of its right to repair scheme.

Contact our helpline if you're having problems getting repairs done in your home.