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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Splitting up if you're a social tenant

Know what your rights are if you rent your home from the Housing Executive or housing association but can't continue living with your partner. 

Housing Executive or housing association tenancy in one person's name

If you are the person named in the tenancy agreement you can ask the other person to move out. You should give them reasonable notice but this doesn't mean 28 days. You don't have to get a court order before the person has to leave.

If you are the tenant and you wish to leave you may be able to pass the tenancy on to the other person. This is known as assignment and you'll need to get your landlord's consent to do this. 

Housing Executive or housing association tenancy in two people's name

You will have to decide who will stay and who will go, unless you both decide to leave and give up the tenancy. Talk to your local Housing Executive District Office or your housing association before you make a decision. 

If one person leaves the property, the tenancy will continue as a joint tenancy and both tenants will remain legally responsible for paying the rent.  If either one of you gives notice to quit or formally ends the tenancy, you'll end the entire tenancy and the other person will no longer have a right to continue living there.  

You may be able to get the tenancy changed from joint names into just one of your names. Speak to an adviser if you aren't sure what you should do about your tenancy. 

Moving on

If you're leaving your home so your partner can continue living there, you should make sure you know what your housing options are.