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Housing advice for Northern Ireland


Your landlord can only end your tenancy by following the correct process. Secure Housing Executive and housing association tenants can only be evicted if a court believes that they have broken the tenancy agreements. It's easier for a landlord to evict an introductory tenant, but the landlord still has to get a court order. Think carefully and get advice before you take any action to end your tenancy. It can be difficult to get a new social tenancy if you've given one up.

A social landlord can end your tenancy if they think you are not living in the property. This is called "abandonment". 

The landlord does not have to go to court but they do have to follow the proper process. The process is only for social landlords. Private landlords must go to court to end your tenancy unless you have confirmed that you have moved out.

If you suspect that your tenant has abandoned the property, you should be very careful. You cannot regain vacant possession of the property without a court order. You may wish to seek legal advice in these circumstances to protect yourself against claims of illegal eviction.

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