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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Anti social behaviour

Don’t stay in your home if you don’t feel safe. If you or your home has been attacked tell the police. The Housing Executive might have to find you somewhere else to live if it’s not reasonable for you to stay in your home.

Mediation can often help to resolve problems between family members, neighbours or housemates. It’s not an appropriate solution in every case but can be very effective.

În cazul în care sunteți martorul unei infracțiuni motivate de ură sau vă confruntați cu o infracțiune motivată de ură, trebuie să o raportați la Serviciul Poliției din Irlanda de Nord. Puteți semnala o asemenea infracțiune și online sau apelând numărul 101. În caz de urgență, apelați numărul 999.

Harassment from neighbours can cause huge stress. You might be able to resolve your differences with your neighbour by talking calmly about the issues or using mediation services. If this doesn't work your landlord may be able to help you deal with the problem.

Se testemunhar ou for vitima de um crime de ódio, deve relatar este facto ao Serviço de Polícia da Irlanda do Norte. Pode fazê-lo online ou através do número 101. Em caso de emergência, contacte 999.

If you haven’t been a Housing Executive (NIHE) or housing association tenant for the last year, you’ll probably be an introductory tenant. After 12 months you’ll become a secure tenant and it will be more difficult to evict you.

Si vous êtes témoin ou subissez une infraction motivée par la haine, vous devez le signaler au Service de police d'Irlande du Nord. Vous pouvez le faire en ligne ou en composant le 101. Pour une urgence, faites le 999.

Anti social behaviour is any type of persistent behaviour that upsets the community. There are things that can be done to deal with certain types of anti social behaviour (ASB). A dispute with a neighbour won’t necessarily be classed as anti-social behaviour.

Ако станете свидетел или преживеете престъпление от омраза, трябва да съобщите за това в полицейската служба на Северна Ирландия. Можете да го направите на адрес oнлайн или чрез набиране на 101. При спешен случай, наберете 999.

Everyone wants neighbours they can get along with, but we’re not all this lucky. If your neighbours are seriously harassing or intimidating you, you may be able to get help to find a new home from the Housing Executive.


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