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Debt advice

Private renters can get help to pay their rent. You can apply for help if you're out of work or if you are working. If you are not already getting help to pay your rent, you should claim

  • housing benefit if you are over pension age, and
  • Universal Credit if you are below pension age. 

Adesea este dificil să ne confruntăm cu probleme legate de datorii, însă majoritatea datoriilor în general se pot rezolva prin planificare și printr-un mod de abordare pas-cu-pas pentru gestionarea finanțelor dvs.

Almost everyone will experience difficulties paying their bills at some point. If you are worried about falling into arrears or missing a payment of rent, you should talk to your landlord about the problem. Free debt advice is available from a variety of local advice agencies.

Често може да бъде трудно да се справите с дългов проблем, но повечето задължения обикновено могат да бъдат решени с планиране и създаването на един поетапен подход за управление на вашите финанси.

Get advice as soon as possible if you can't pay. The Land & Property Services have a strict procedure for recovering rates arrears. There are strict time limits. If you contact your local Land & Property Services office, you may be able to negotiate a payment plan.

The Money Advice Service's Quick Cash Finder can help you find small things you can cut back on to increase your savings. 


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