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Housing advice for Northern Ireland


Most landlords will ask for a security deposit from each tenant in a property. This money is used as insurance against any damage you may cause or rent you may owe at the end of the tenancy. Any deposit paid on or after 1 April 2013 has to be placed in a tenancy deposit protection scheme.

It can be difficult to gather up a deposit as well as a month's rent in advance. There are a few places that may agree to provide your landlord with a guarantee or work out a payment plan, allowing you to pay off your deposit in installments.

Once you're into the second month of your tenancy, do a quick tenancy health check to see if your landlord has given you the legal documents you're entitled to. Checking this information at the start of your tenancy should make sure the tenancy runs more smoothly and will protect you when it comes to the time you want to move out.

Qualquer depósito pago em ou após 1 de abril de 2013 deve ser protegido por um esquema de depósito de arrendamento. Se pagou o seu depósito antes desta data, o depósito não tem que ser protegido e o seu senhorio mantém o seu depósito.

Landlords usually ask tenants to pay rent at the start of the month. This means that you may have to pay a month's rent in advance as well as a deposit before you move in to your accommodation. You may be able to get help to cover this rent in advance.

Quando seu contrato termina o seu senhorio deve devolver o seu depósito de caução. O seu senhorio pode fazer deduções ao mesmo para qualquer aluguer não pago ou qualquer dano causado à propriedade ou ao mobiliário. Se não concordar com o valor que o senhorio deduz, deve tentar negociar. Se as negociações falharem, deve procurar aconselhamento no Tribunal de Pequenos Litígios (Small Claims Court).

If you're renting a property as part of a group, you need to pay close attention to the tenancy agreement. The wording on this agreement can control what happens if one of the group moves out. In some cases, the rest of the tenants can be made responsible for paying the extra rent as well as any rent that the former tenant hasn't paid.

O seu senhorio deve ter registado o seu depósito com uma das 3 empresas que estão autorizadas a registar depósitos de arrendamento na Irlanda do Norte. Se não concordar com a quantidade de dinheiro que o seu senhorio lhe devolver no final do contrato de arrendamento pode requerer a intervenção de um mediador independente.

You will usually have a joint tenancy if someone else's name is on the tenancy agreement as well as your own. This might be one other person or a number of people. Joint tenants have exactly the same rights and responsibilities as each other.


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