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Housing advice for Northern Ireland


Equality and anti discrimination legislation applies to housing as well as other services. If you feel your housing provider has discriminated against you, get advice from Housing Rights or the Equality Commission.

You could be a victim of direct discrimination, indirect discrimination or disability related discrimination. Sometimes you may be treated in a way that can be reasonably justified although it may seem unfair.

Whether you decide to rent privately or to apply for social housing you should be treated fairly regardless of your background.

Discrimination and equality law sets out certain things that service providers have to do to provide access to their services. This can include providing information about their services in other languages or adapting services and accommodation so that they are suitable for people with disabilities.

The Disability Discrimination Order can protect you from being treated unfairly because of a disability. This can protect you if you’ve been refused assistance or asked to leave your accommodation because of action that’s attributable to a mental health problem.

Even if you've hired an agent to manage your rental properties, you must make yourself aware of your legal obligations to your tenants. If a legal dispute arises you will need to show that you conducted yourself according to your legal obligations. If you're paying an agent to do this for you, make sure they have a sound knowledge of the legislation that governs the private rented sector in Northern Ireland.

Your tenancy agreement can give you additional rights, beyond those afforded to you in legislation. When drawing up a tenancy agreement, remember that any terms which are seen to be unfair are unenforceable.


  • 种族
  • 宗教
  • 社会背景
  • 性取向
  • 性别认同
  • 残疾



对于遭遇过仇恨犯罪的人来说,即便在家中也很难有安全感。仇恨犯罪的受害者或被列为仇恨犯罪目标的家庭可从Hate Incidents Practical Action Scheme(HIPA)获得帮助。如需此类帮助,请首先联系警方报告仇恨犯罪事件。

警方在证实了犯罪事件后,会进行小范围维修以确保房屋安全。如果房主是私人房东,房委会(Housing Executive)需要首先征得房东同意,然后才能对房屋进行任何施工。如果房主为房屋协会(housing association),警察将安排房屋协会进行必要的作业。



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