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Ending a tenancy

Your social tenancy can end if

  • your landlord evicts you
  • your landlord decides you aren't living in the property and takes it back, or
  • you end your own tenancy

You have to tell your landlord if you decide to move out. You are responsible for paying rent until you formally end your tenancy.

The Housing Executive and housing associations should only evict you if all other ways of solving a problem have failed. They have to follow the right process. This process depends on whether you've been a tenant for more or less than a year. 

Most landlords will ask you for a deposit. They have to protect this in a deposit scheme. The deposit is your money and you should get it back when you move out. 

The landlord can use this deposit at the end of the tenancy to cover certain costs. You can challenge this. 

An introductory tenancy is a trial period for your tenancy. It is easier for your landlord to evict you if you are an introductory tenant. 

You'll need to negotiate with your landlord to try to get your money back. Any negotiating should be done in writing and you need to keep copies of any emails or letters you send. If you're not able to agree with your landlord, you can go to Small Claims Court to see if a judge thinks you should get your money back.

Your Housing Executive or housing association property must be your main or only home.  Your landlord can end your tenancy if they think you are living somewhere else.

This is called abandonment. The landlord has to follow the right process to end your tenancy in this way 

Și dvs și proprietarul aveți obligația de a da termenul corect de preaviz pentru ca contractul de închiriere să înceteze. Precum proprietarul nu vă poate arunca în stradă peste noapte, nici dvs. nu puteți pur și simplu să părăsiți locuința și să terminați contractul de închiriere, dacă nu mai vreți să locuiți acolo.

You are not required to serve a Notice to Quit to bring a fixed term agreement to an end, but you should write to your tenants to find out whether they intend to stay in the property or move on. Finding out your existing tenants' intentions will help minimise the risk of void months, where no rent is paid.

Вие и вашия наемодател трябва да дадете коректно предизвестие за прекратяване на договора. Така както наемодателят не може да ви изхвърля на улицата през нощта, вие не можете просто да напуснете квартирата, ако не искате да живее вече там.


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