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Housing advice for Northern Ireland


Mediation can often help to resolve problems between family members, neighbours or housemates. It’s not an appropriate solution in every case but can be very effective.

Harassment from neighbours can cause huge stress. You might be able to resolve your differences with your neighbour by talking calmly about the issues or using mediation services. If this doesn't work your landlord may be able to help you deal with the problem.

Your landlord may try to force you to move out by harassing you. Your landlord may be doing this so he or she won't have to follow the proper procedure for evicting you. Harassing a tenant is a criminal offence and your landlord could be prosecuted by the local council for trying to force you to leave the property.

When you rent a property it becomes your home. Your landlord must respect that the property is your home and must observe the proper legal procedures when entering the property or trying to reclaim possession of it.

Sharing arrangements don't always work out. If you're having problems with the people you're sharing with, don't ignore the issue. Try to resolve the situation. If you've signed a tenancy agreement, it will be difficult to leave the property before it has lapsed.

A landlord who continually acts in a way that is designed to make a tenant leave the property could be guilty of harassment

Help is available from the environmental health department of your local council. Harassment is illegal, but it is important to be aware that your landlord could try to evict you to punish you for reporting him or her. Your landlord will have to follow the correct legal procedure if he wants to do this.

Your landlord must follow the correct legal procedure in order to evict you. On rare occasions, a landlord may try to force you out of the property or change the locks while you are out. This is an illegal eviction and your landlord can be prosecuted for this action.

Get help if you've been attacked or threatened in your home. The Housing Executive classes some attacks as intimidation. If you've been intimidated you can get extra points, a special grant and help to sell your home. 

Dumneavoastră aveți dreptul să vă bucurați de căminul dvs. în siguranță și netulburat. Dacă credeți că sunteți hărțuit, solicitați ajutor și consiliere cu privire la modul în care vă puteți proteja drepturile.


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