When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland


Social services may be able to help with housing. They can only help with homelessness in certain cases, such as if you're under 18 or very vulnerable.

The Housing Executive has a duty to offer you accommodation if it is satisfied that you are a Full Duty Applicant. You will be a Full Duty Applicant if you pass all four homeless tests also known as 'hurdles'.

Points are important when you are waiting for a home. Lots of points means you will be higher up on the waiting list. 

Агенция Социални Жилища (Housing Executive) има правно задължение да предоставя съвети на бездомните хора за предотвратяване на бездомността на всеки, който се интересува в Северна Ирландия. Агенция Социални Жилища (Housing Executive)трябва да ви помогне, ако смята, че сте без дом, или предстои да се превърнате в бездомен в следващите 28 дни.

Young people, and especially young people leaving care, can be at an increased risk of homelessness and of being exploited because they are homeless. Social Services and the Housing Executive share responsibility for looking after young people who are homeless. There are different responsibilities, depending on your age and how long you've been in care, but these organisations should work together to find you somewhere to live.

You can ask the Housing Executive for help in the three months up to your release date. The housing adviser in your prison can help you with this. 

When you apply for social housing you must choose the areas where you’d like to live. Most people can choose any areas they want but there are restrictions on some people.

Ask the Housing Executive for help with homelessness.

Speak to our advisers if you don't know your rights or need help dealing with the Housing Executive.

Speak to someone urgently if you’re being abused in your home.  Women’s Aid helps people affected by domestic abuse. It provides help, advice and counselling to men and women. In an emergency call 999 for help.

You can present as homeless to the Housing Executive either on the outside, after your release from prison, or from inside the prison while you are still in custody. The Housing Executive must help you if it thinks you are homeless, or about to become homeless in the next 28 days.


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