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Homeless review

The Housing Executive doesn’t have to find you housing if you don’t pass all 4 homelessness tests

You can challenge a decision that you've failed a test.

You'll need to look at other housing options if you can't pass all 4 homelessness tests.

The Housing Executive has a legal responsibility to help homeless people. The amount of help you're entitled to depends on whether you pass 4 homelessness. The tests look at whether you are homeless, why you are homeless, whether you're entitled to help and whether you're in greater need of help than other people.

The homelessness test is one of 4 tests you have to pass to be legally homeless. 

The other tests are eligibility, priority need and intentionality.

You can stay in temporary housing while you wait for a new home. The Housing Executive may have a legal responsibility to find you suitable temporary housing. 

The Housing Executive will have a duty to offer you accommodation if it is satisfied that you are a Full Duty Applicant. You will be a Full Duty Applicant if you pass all 4 homeless tests also known as “hurdles”.

If you pass all four homelessness tests, you will be given Full Duty Applicant status and will be entitled to offers of permanent accommodation from the Housing Executive and housing associations. If you fail the tests, you can ask to be assessed under the Selection Scheme. You can also challenge the Housing Executive's decision if you fail any of the tests.

If you don’t pass all four homelessness tests, or hurdles, you will not be awarded Full Duty Applicant status. You may still, however, be able to get permanently housed if you ask to be assessed under the Housing Executive’s Selection Scheme.

You can ask for a review of certain decisions made by the Housing Executive.  

A review means that a more senior member of staff checks the original decision. They can 

  • agree with the original decision, or 
  • change the original decision.  

It's best to get an adviser to help you ask for a review. 

The Housing Executive takes around 5 weeks to make a decision on your case. 

They'll send you a letter to let you know their decision. 

Ако сте недоволен от решението на Агенция Социални Жилища (Housing Executive), имате законово право на преразглеждане на решението. Ако Агенция Социални Жилища (Housing Executive) не променя решението, също така може да имате право вашия случай да бъде изслушан в окръжния съд, ако можете да покажете, че Агенция Социални Жилища (Housing Executive) е приложил грешно закона. Временно настаняване може да бъде предоставено, докато се чака за изхода от преразглеждане или обжалване.


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