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Housing advice for Northern Ireland


The Housing Executive is responsible for providing accommodation for anyone who is legally homeless. To be legally homeless you have to pass 4 tests. The first of these is homelessness. The other tests are eligibility, priority need and intentionality.

Whether you came to prison from a permanent address or temporary accommodation, you can find yourself at risk of being homeless upon release.

Because of the shortage of social housing some people will wait a very long time before they get offered a property. You could have a long wait, even if you passed the 4 homeless tests and are legally homeless.

Housing Executive are o obligație legală de a oferi consiliere pe probleme locative și informații pentru prevenirea fenomenului persoanelor fără adăpost, oricărei persoane interesate în Irlanda de Nord. Housing Executive trebuie să vă ajute dacă consideră că sunteți o persoană fără adăpost, sau pe cale de a deveni fără adăpost în cursul următoarelor 28 de zile.

The Housing Executive will consider you in priority need if you are particularly vulnerable. If you are homeless, eligible for assistance and the Housing Executive thinks you may be in priority need you can get temporary accommodation while it completes the investigation.

If you pass all four homelessness tests, you will be given Full Duty Applicant status and will be entitled to offers of permanent accommodation from the Housing Executive and housing associations. If you fail the tests, you can ask to be assessed under the Selection Scheme. You can also challenge the Housing Executive's decision if you fail any of the tests.

Homelessness can happen to anyone. It's important to know who can help you if you end up in this situation.  The Northern Ireland Housing Executive is legally responsible for helping people who are homeless in Northern Ireland.   Over 18,000 households asked the Housing Executive for help with homelessness in 2018/19.

Dacă sunteți fără adăpost sau pe cale de a deveni fără adăpost, ar trebui să apelați la Housing Executive pentru ajutor. Housing Executiveare datoria să ofere consiliere în cazul persoanelor fără adăpost și pentru prevenirea acestei situații, oricărei persoane din Irlanda de Nord care le solicită sprijinul. Housing Executive are obligația de a investiga circumstanțele dumneavoastră personale dacă declarați în formularul Housing/Transfer Application Form (Locuințe/Cerere de Transfer) că sunteți fără adăpost, sau dacă înștiințați un membru al personalului.

You will not be eligible for help if the Housing Executive decides you’ve been involved in unacceptable behaviour. Unacceptable behaviour is the type of behaviour that would make someone a bad tenant and covers actions carried out by you, by other people in your household and by visitors to your property. The Housing Executive will usually only consider behaviour in the past two years, when deciding if you have behaved in an unacceptable manner and are, as such, ineligible for help.

When a relationship fails you might not want to continue living together. Your rights to stay in your home often depend on whether you own or rent your home and what kind of tenant you are.


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