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Housing advice for Northern Ireland


Speak to someone urgently if you’re being abused in your home. Call Women's Aid for help and support on 0808 802 1414. Women’s Aid is the number one charity that helps people affected by domestic abuse. It provides help, advice and counselling to men and women. In an emergency call 999 for help.

Get advice as quickly as possible if you’re homeless or likely to be homeless. You can speak to one of our advisers at Housing Rights if you need to find out what your options are.

The Housing Executive is the organisation that is legally responsible for helping homeless people and preventing homelessness in Northern Ireland.

Dacă sunteți o persoană fără adăpost și nu aveți unde locui în seara asta, ar trebui să solicitați ajutor imediat.  Există o serie de organizații care ar putea fi în măsură să vă ajute.

Sometimes people will come to another country because they feel that it is not safe or possible for them to stay in their own country, perhaps because of war or extreme poverty. Under a 1951 UN agreement, these people can seek asylum in the country they arrive in. When someone has asked another country for help in this way, they become an asylum seeker. 

The relevant agency in that country will then investigate this person’s circumstances to see if it is appropriate for that person to continue living in their home country. In the UK, this work is done by the Home Office. If the Home Office decides that it is not safe for someone to return to their own country, that person will become a refugee.

Temporary accommodation is given to people who don’t have a permanent home. The Housing Executive doesn’t have to arrange temporary accommodation for everyone but it does have to provide certain people with temporary accommodation.

Renting privately can be a great option for many people. There is a wide range of rented property available. Make sure you know what type of property you need and what area you would like to live in.

Агенция Социални Жилища (Housing Executive) има правно задължение да предоставя съвети на бездомните хора за предотвратяване на бездомността на всеки, който се интересува в Северна Ирландия. Агенция Социални Жилища (Housing Executive)трябва да ви помогне, ако смята, че сте без дом, или предстои да се превърнате в бездомен в следващите 28 дни.

The Housing Executive doesn’t have to find you housing if you don’t pass all 4 homeless tests. It may be worthwhile having the Housing Executive’s decision reviewed. Otherwise, you’ll have to look at other housing options.

Your landlord must follow the correct legal process in order to evict you. If you have a fixed term agreement, your landlord will have to have a reason to evict you. However, if you're a periodic tenant your landlord simply has to follow the correct legal process.


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