When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland


You might not be able to keep your home if you are going to be in prison for a long time, or you can't go back to it because it isn't safe for you or someone else. Talk to the housing adviser in your prison if you want to give up your home. 

If your current housing situation doesn't suit your needs it's natural to think you might have to move. But, with the right help and support, you may be able to continue living in your current home. While housing waiting lists are so long and renting privately can be expensive it's worth checking if you can do something practical to allow you to continue living where you are.

Dacă nu sunteți mulțumit cu decizia Housing Executive, aveți un drept legal la revizuirea deciziei. În cazul în care Housing Executive nu își schimbă decizia, dvs. tot mai aveți dreptul să vă prezentați cauza în fața Tribunalului Județean, dacă puteți demonstra faptul că Housing Executive a făcut o eroare de drept. Adăpostul temporar poate fi disponibil pe perioada cât așteptați rezultatul revizuirii sau a recursului.

If you pass all four homelessness tests, or hurdles, you will be awarded Full Duty Applicant status. Full Duty Applicants are entitled to offers of permanent accommodation from the Housing Executive and housing associations.

Buying your own home is a huge financial commitment. It's important that you do your research and fully understand your options before you commit to anything. If you can't afford to pay the full purchase cost of a property you might be able to part buy and part rent the property with the help of Co-ownership Housing Association.

Dacă sunteți o persoană fără adăpost și nu aveți unde locui în seara asta, ar trebui să solicitați ajutor imediat.  Există o serie de organizații care ar putea fi în măsură să vă ajute.


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