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Housing advice for Northern Ireland


It is not uncommon for a person to be released from prison with nowhere to live. Get an appointment with the housing adviser or staff at the Offender Management Unit in your prison if you think you may be homeless on release.

Viazané ubytovanie je ubytovanie, ktoré je poskytnuté ako súčasť práce nájomníka a je podmienené pracovníkovým pokračujúcim pracovným pomerom so zamestnávateľom.

You should normally go to the Housing Executive for help if you are worried about becoming homeless.  However, if you’re under 18 , Social Services may have to help you if you don’t have anywhere safe to live. 

If you have nowhere safe to live, go to your local Housing Executive office or to your local Health & Social Care Trust and ask for help.

If the Housing Executive accepts that you've been intimidated and believe you're at risk of death or serious injury if you continue living in your home you might be entitled to financial help as well as help finding a new home. 

In certain circumstances, keeping your home may not be the best option for you. If you're serving a long sentence, you can't afford to keep paying your housing costs or you're unable to return home because of a conflict, you might have to think about giving up your home.

Zatiaľ čo Bytová správa posudzuje vašu situáciu, môžete mať nárok na dočasné ubytovanie. Toto môže byť v ubytovni, súkromne prenajatom dome alebo byte, alebo v ubytovaní s raňajkami. Bytová správa sa bude pre vás snažiť nájsť najvhodnejšie dočasné ubytovanie, ale dostupné ubytovanie je obmedzené a je nepravdepodobné že bude perfektné.

Don’t stay in your home if you don’t feel safe. If you or your home has been attacked tell the police. The Housing Executive might have to find you somewhere else to live if it’s not reasonable for you to stay in your home.

If you pass all four homelessness tests, or hurdles, you will be awarded Full Duty Applicant status. Full Duty Applicants are entitled to offers of permanent accommodation from the Housing Executive and housing associations.

If your current housing situation doesn't suit your needs it's natural to think you might have to move. But, with the right help and support, you may be able to continue living in your current home. While housing waiting lists are so long and renting privately can be expensive it's worth checking if you can do something practical to allow you to continue living where you are.

The Housing Executive has a legal responsibility to help homeless people. The amount of help you're entitled to depends on whether you pass 4 homelessness. The tests look at whether you are homeless, why you are homeless, whether you're entitled to help and whether you're in greater need of help than other people.


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