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Housing benefit

The amount of housing benefit you’ll get to help with your rent depends on your personal circumstances. There are different systems for calculating housing benefit for private tenants and for housing association or Housing Executive tenants.

You could lose your home if you don’t pay your rent. Your landlord, whether it’s the Housing Executive or a housing association will have to follow the proper procedure before this happens. Part of this procedure is to work with you to try to sort out the problem.

Things can go wrong with your housing benefit claim. If you were getting Housing Benefit when you shouldn’t have been, you’ll have to pay this money back. You could also have problems if you have to pay rent on two homes for a while or have to leave your home temporarily.

If you had safe and secure accommodation before going into custody you should try to keep it, if possible, while you’re in prison.

You normally have to be living in a property in order to claim and receive housing benefit. However, in certain circumstances you may be able to claim for a property that you're not actually living in. The length of time that you can claim for depends on why you can't live in the property.

If you’ve been receiving benefits you’ll need to let the social security office know that you’re going into prison.

Dacă aveți un venit mic, s-ar putea să obțineți ajutor social pentru plata chiriei pentru a vă ajuta să acoperiți costurile cu locuința. Începând cu aprilie 2008, drepturile chiriașilor din domeniul privat la ajutor social cu plata chiriei (Housing Benefit) este calculat pe baza Alocației de Locuințe Locale - Local Housing Allowance. 

You may not want to inform your landlord or mortgage lender that you're in prison, but you have to keep them informed.

If you are remanded in custody and you were renting your home before you went to prison, you may be able to still get help to pay rent. This depends on how long you will be in custody.


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