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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Housing options

The intentionality test looks at why you are homeless. 

The Housing Executive won't help if you are homeless because of 

  • something you deliberately did, or
  • something you deliberately failed to do.

Renting a home from a private landlord or through an agent could be an option, but there are potential problems which you should be aware of before taking on a tenancy. Know your rights and responsibilities.

When you apply for social housing you’ll have to choose 2 areas where you’d like to live. Most people can choose any areas they want but there are restrictions on some people.

You have to be "eligible" to apply for housing. You may not be able to get help with homelessness if

  • your immigration status means you cannot apply, or
  • you have been involved in certain types of antisocial behaviour. 

If your home is repossessed you will need to find somewhere else to live. If you lost your home because of debt problems it may be more difficult to find a place to rent or buy.

Because of the shortage of social housing some people will wait a very long time before they get offered a property. You could have a long wait, even if you passed the 4 homeless tests and are legally homeless.

Na Irlanda do Norte, existem quatro opções de habitação: pode querer arrendar uma propriedade a um senhorio privado, pode ter alojamento fornecido pelo seu empregador, pode procurar aceder à habitação social do Executivo da habitação ou da associação da Habitação (podem aplicar-se algumas restrições para pessoas estrangeiras), pode querer comprar uma casa.

V Severnom Írsku mate štyri hlavné možnosti ubytovania.

You are entitled to 3 reasonable offers of accommodation. When you get an offer you'll have an opportunity to view the property. Your offer letter should explain how much you'll have to pay for the property.

Going into prison is stressful. There are a few things that you'll have to do. Staff in the prison will help you with these tasks. 


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