When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland


Don’t stay in your home if you don’t feel safe. If you or your home has been attacked tell the police. The Housing Executive might have to find you somewhere else to live if it’s not reasonable for you to stay in your home.

Harassment from neighbours can cause huge stress. You might be able to resolve your differences with your neighbour by talking calmly about the issues or using mediation services. If this doesn't work your landlord may be able to help you deal with the problem.

Ако станете свидетел или преживеете престъпление от омраза, трябва да съобщите за това в полицейската служба на Северна Ирландия. Можете да го направите на адрес oнлайн или чрез набиране на 101. При спешен случай, наберете 999.

If the Housing Executive accepts that you've been intimidated and believe you're at risk of death or serious injury if you continue living in your home you might be entitled to financial help as well as help finding a new home. 

Ak ste sa stali svedkom alebo ak ste zažili zločin z nenávisti mali by ste to nahlásiť na polícii v Severnom Írsku. Môžete tak urobiť online alebo zavolaním na 101. V prípade pohotovosti volajte 999.


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对于遭遇过仇恨犯罪的人来说,即便在家中也很难有安全感。仇恨犯罪的受害者或被列为仇恨犯罪目标的家庭可从Hate Incidents Practical Action Scheme(HIPA)获得帮助。如需此类帮助,请首先联系警方报告仇恨犯罪事件。

警方在证实了犯罪事件后,会进行小范围维修以确保房屋安全。如果房主是私人房东,房委会(Housing Executive)需要首先征得房东同意,然后才能对房屋进行任何施工。如果房主为房屋协会(housing association),警察将安排房屋协会进行必要的作业。


Everyone wants neighbours they can get along with, but we’re not all this lucky. If your neighbours are seriously harassing or intimidating you, you may be able to get help to find a new home from the Housing Executive.


You may get help securing your home if you’ve been attacked in a hate crime.

Points are important when you are waiting for a home. Lots of points means you will be higher up on the waiting list. 


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