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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Landlord repossession

Your property is your tenants' home and you have a responsibility to keep them informed of any developments that may affect their ability to stay in that home. This includes informing your tenants if the property is subject to mortgage possession proceedings.

You need permission to rent out your property if there is a mortgage or loan secured on it. You need

  • a buy-to-let mortgage, or
  • written permission to rent out the property from the lender.

Your landlord may have a mortgage or secured loan on the property you are living in. If the landlord falls into arrears on these loans, your home could be at risk. You may have limited rights to stay in the property on a short term basis, but it is unlikely you will be able to stay there long term.

Get help as soon as you can if you are worried that you might become homeless. Talk to someone about your rights and options. You might be able to make things better in your current home. 

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