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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Neighbour problems

Make sure you know where your land ends and your neighbour’s begins. Disputes over boundaries can cause formerly friendly relationships to sour.

Your local council is responsible for dealing with complaints about noise and nuisance behaviour.

Everyone wants neighbours they can get along with, but we’re not all this lucky. If your neighbours are seriously harassing or intimidating you, you may be able to get help to find a new home from the Housing Executive.

You may get help securing your home if you’ve been attacked in a hate crime.

Some people enjoy getting involved in their neighbourhood. You might want to join a residents association or community group or even set one up if you think it would improve the area.

The best way of ensuring a safe and friendly neighbourhood is if everyone carries out their own responsibilities. You need to ensure that you show your neighbours the same respect that you expect from them.

Get help if you've been attacked or threatened in your home. The Housing Executive classes some attacks as intimidation. If you've been intimidated you can get extra points, a special grant and help to sell your home. 

Locuind alături de alte persoane, se pot ivi probleme din când în când. Gălăgie pe timp de noapte, câini care latră sau litigii privind delimitarea terenului dintre proprietăți, poate duce la discuții. Negocierea cu vecinii este de obicei cel mai bun mod de a face față oricăror probleme.

Живеенето в съседство с други хора може да създаде проблеми от време на време. Шум късно вечер, кучешки лай и оградни спорове могат да доведат до аргументи. Водене на преговори с вашите съседи обикновено е най-добрият начин да се справите с всякакви проблеми.

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