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Paying for a home

If you qualify for the Disabled Person's Allowance or the Lone Pensioner Allowance you will get a discount on your rates bill.

Ако сте наели имот, вие трябва да плащате наем на собственика. Можете да бъдете изгонен, ако не плащате наем. В повечето случаи Вие също трябва да дадете на наемодателя депозит преди да се настаните и много частни наемодатели, изискват наема да се плаща в началото на месеца.

If you are on remand awaiting trial, it is usually best that you try holding onto your home. The court may decide to release you or you may serve only a short sentence, so having a home to get back to is very important.

Наема обикновено само обхваща сумата, наемодателят ви взима за живее в имота. Понякога под наем също така се включват пари за други неща като сметки или поддръжка. Това се нарича цялостен наем.

If you own a property you'll normally have to pay rates on it, even if the property is empty. You'll get a rates bill for the empty property automatically and you won't be entitled to an early payment discount. Some empty properties can be excluded from the rating system. It's worth checking to see if you can apply for an exclusion.

You will have to pay stamp duty if your new home costs more than £125,000. This calculator from the Money Advice Service will help you figure out how much stamp duty you'll have to pay.

It can be difficult to gather up a deposit as well as a month's rent in advance. There are a few places that may agree to provide your landlord with a guarantee or work out a payment plan, allowing you to pay off your deposit in installments.

Use these calculators to work out where you can make savings and how long it will take you to repay your debts.

Money can get tight when you're living in your own home. You may be entitled to some financial assistance to help with rent and other costs.

These calculators will help you work out what you can afford to borrow, what your stamp duty will be and how your payments will change if the interest rate increases.   


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