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Prescribed information

The Housing Amendment Act (NI) 2011 introduced a legal requirement for any deposits taken as part of a residential tenancy to be registered with a tenancy deposit protection scheme. This requirement will apply to any deposits taken on or after 1 April 2013. Find out more about the requirements and appointed scheme administrators.

The custodial scheme is free for both landlords and tenants to use. There are strict time limits within which you must give the scheme administrator the deposit and a list of prescribed information. You must also provide the tenant with a list of required information within a set time limit. Failing to protect the deposit or provide the current information can lead to a fixed penalty or prosecution. Find out more about the requirements of the Custodial Scheme.

The tenants may not be happy if you deduct money from their tenancy deposit. They can ask the deposit scheme, or the court, for help if they think your charges are unfair. 

You'll usually have to pay out quite a bit of money when you first move in. Most landlords will expect a month's rent as a security deposit and insist on rent being paid in advance. If you're on a low income, you may be entitled to housing benefit to help you meet the cost of your rent, but this is always paid in arrears. Make sure you get receipts for any money you pay out and keep these safe.

Your landlord has to protect your deposit within 28 days of you paying this money. They also have to give you certain information about your deposit and the company protecting it. 

Your landlord does not have to protect your deposit if you paid it before 1 April 2013. 

Ако платите гаранционен депозит за частно наемане на или след 1 април 2013 г., посредникът или наемодателят носят законната отговорност да гарантират депозита в одобрена схема. Не е необходимо взетите депозити преди тази дата да бъдат гарантирани по някоя от посочените схеми.

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