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Estate agents and letting agents will often have their own complaints process. Many agents belong to a professional redress scheme which may be able to sort out problems if you're unhappy with the service you've been given by your agent.

You may not think of yourself as a landlord. But, you are a landlord if you rent out a room or a property to someone and charge that person rent to live there. You must follow certain laws if you are a landlord. The council can fine you or take you to court if you don't.

Being a landlord can take up a lot of your time. Some landlords pay an agent to manage the property. You must still give your tenants your name and address. You need to trust your agent. You could end up in trouble if the agent does something wrong. 

Landlords can get advice, resources and training from different organisations. You may also be able to get financial help with certain types of repairs or improvements. 

Find out as early as possible who will be responsible for managing the property. You will usually be expected to report repairs and problems to the property manager, who can be the landlord or an appointed agent. Even though the property has been marketed by an agent, the landlord may not have contracted the agent to manage the property.

There are a few important pieces of paperwork that you'll need to keep safe once you become a tenant. You will usually be asked to sign a tenancy agreement, but this is not always the case. If you do sign a tenancy agreement, make sure you get a signed copy.

Professional bodies such as the Landlords Association of Northern Ireland, the National Landlords' Association and Housing Rights may be able to provide assistance and training if you on your legislative requirements and how to resolve problems with tenants. These agencies can also help you keep up to date with changes in the private rented sector and how they will affect you and your business.

Landlord Advice NI

Landlord Advice is a free, confidential advice service for landlords in Northern Ireland.

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