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Housing advice for Northern Ireland


Universal credit is rolling out across Northern Ireland. Since December 2018 any working age person making a new claim for social security assistance will claim universal credit instead of some of the current benefits, including Housing Benefit.


You must pay rent to your landlord in return for living in the property. If you stop paying your rent, are late with a payment or do not pay in full, your landlord may begin eviction proceedings against you.

You have to pay rent to your landlord. When you’re offered a Housing Executive or housing association property you should be told how much the weekly rent is.

If you don't already get Housing Benefit, you can only make a new claim for it if you get a Severe Disability Premium as part of your other benefits or if you are over pension age. You also need to have a responsibility to pay rent or rates. Other people with responsibility for rent and rates can get help with these payments by applying for Universal Credit.  

Proprietarii și agenții de obicei cer chiriașilor plata la începutul fiecărei luni. Când începe un contract nou de închiriere, înseamnă că chiria pe o lună va trebui plătită în plus pe lângă depozit.

Housing benefit is a social security benefit which helps people on low income with their housing costs. It can cover rent, rates and some service charges. There are different systems for working out housing benefit for social tenants, who rent from the Housing Executive or housing associations, and for private tenants, who rent from a private landlord or agent. 


The amount of benefits you will get depends on your personal circumstances, such as your income and savings, the size of your household and the area you live/wish to live in.

Наемодателите или агенти обикновено изискват наемателите да плащат наем в началото на всеки месец. При нов договор за наем това означава, че първия месец наем ще трябва да се плати в допълнение към депозита.

You may be able to challenge or appeal a housing benefit decision if you think it is wrong or unfair. This can be a complicated process so it's best to get help from an advice agency.


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