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Housing advice for Northern Ireland


It's important that you know and understand what your responsibilities are to the Housing Executive.

Your responsibilities are set out in your tenancy agreement and tenant handbook. There are certain things you must do. If you don’t, your housing association could take steps to end your tenancy.

You have to pay rent to your landlord. When you’re offered a Housing Executive or housing association property you should be told how much the weekly rent is.

You’ll be responsible for dealing with many of the repairing issues in your home. Tenants are responsible for decorating the inside of the property, including carpeting and flooring and you’ll also be responsible for looking after your garden. Your landlord will usually deal with any structural problems or faults with the heating, plumbing and electrical systems.

It's important to be aware of your responsibilities to your landlord. While many of these responsibilities will be explained in your tenancy agreement, there are also certain responsibilities which are outlined in law.

Your house needs to be up to certain standards before it can be rented out. You may need to ask the council to inspect your property and will have to abide by certain safety requirements.

Deși responsabilitățile dumneavoastră pot varia în funcție de tipul de închiriere pe care îl aveți și în funcție de contractul pe care-l aveți cu proprietarul, există mai multe domenii principale pentru situații în care responsabilitățile vă revin dvs.

Ca și chiriaș/locatar licențiat, dvs. sunteți responsabil pentru:

If you're receiving rent in return for accommodation you are a landlord. You may have lodgers living with you in your home, you may just be renting out a property until the housing market improves, but either way there are certain steps which you are legally required to take.

Когато сте под наем на частно, имате определени права и отговорности като наемател. По същия начин хазаина ви има отговорности към вас.


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