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Housing advice for Northern Ireland


Deși responsabilitățile dumneavoastră pot varia în funcție de tipul de închiriere pe care îl aveți și în funcție de contractul pe care-l aveți cu proprietarul, există mai multe domenii principale pentru situații în care responsabilitățile vă revin dvs.

Ca și chiriaș/locatar licențiat, dvs. sunteți responsabil pentru:

As the property owner, you should make sure that you keep accurate records for all your rented properties. This should include information on your property's amenities as well as any safety certificates associated with the property. As a landlord, you are running a business and should give the same level of importance to record keeping as you would in any other business venture. You must also comply with the Data Protection Act and may have to notify the Information Commissioner's Office of your business.

Your tenants have a legal right to know your name, address and telephone number. If you have paid for the services of an agent, but your tenants have decided to contact you directly, you should talk to your tenants to find out why. The agent may not be providing the services you are paying them for or may not be carrying out their legal obligations.

Когато сте под наем на частно, имате определени права и отговорности като наемател. По същия начин хазаина ви има отговорности към вас.

Въпреки, че вашите отговорности може да варират в зависимост от вида на наемателството и договора, които имате с вашия наемодател, има няколко основни области, където вие имате отговорности.

When you communicate with your tenants you need to ensure that you do so in an appropriate and timely manner. If your tenants have literacy issues or do not speak English, you will need to consider how you can effectively communicate with them.

Generally, you will be liable for any repairs to the structure of the property and furnishings which were supplied with the letting and the tenants will be liable for repairs to their own items or for repairing any damage which is their fault. You should specify repairing obligations in your tenancy agreement.

Landlords and letting agents are required to register with the Information Commissioner's Office and to pay a registration fee. Most landlords and agents will register as a micro or small organisation. 

Even if you've hired an agent to manage your rental properties, you must make yourself aware of your legal obligations to your tenants. If a legal dispute arises you will need to show that you conducted yourself according to your legal obligations. If you're paying an agent to do this for you, make sure they have a sound knowledge of the legislation that governs the private rented sector in Northern Ireland.


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