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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Social services

Social services may be able to help with housing. They can only help with homelessness in certain cases, such as if you're under 18 or very vulnerable.

You may be able to get some help carrying out basic chores in your home if you’re elderly or vulnerable. This help is provided through Social Services so you’ll need to speak to your doctor or social worker before you can get help.

Residential or nursing homes are also known as care homes. These are usually for older people. AgeNI can provide advice to people who want to know more about finding a care home and can explain what you can do if you have any problems regarding a care home.

People who can't manage independently in their own homes might want to apply for sheltered or supported housing. These are two different options. Sheltered housing allows residents independence but provides on site support and assistance. Supported housing can be a good option for people who need extra help with day to day tasks. The level of support you'll get is usually dependent on your particular care needs.

Tenancy and floating support services can help you manage in your home. Many of these services are funded through the Housing Executive’s Supporting People programme.

Finance Support may be able to help you with money in an emergency. Apply online or by phone.

Dacă sunteți o persoană fără adăpost și nu aveți unde locui în seara asta, ar trebui să solicitați ajutor imediat.  Există o serie de organizații care ar putea fi în măsură să vă ajute.

Ask the Housing Executive for help with homelessness.

Speak to our advisers if you don't know your rights or need help dealing with the Housing Executive.

Ask your local Health & Social Care Trust or the Housing Executive to help you if you are 16 or 17 and have nowhere safe to live.

Talk to someone if you haven't got anywhere safe to stay. Social Services can help you if you are under 18 and don't have anywhere safe to live. The Housing Executive may be able to help if you are over 18. 

Speak to our advisers if you have any questions or you're worried about talking to these services. We can explain your rights.

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