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Temporary accommodation

Hostels, nightshelters and foyers are types of temporary accommodation for homeless people. You need a referral from the Housing Executive or Social Services to get a place in some hostels , but there are others that can give you a room or a bed for the night you without a referral. 

The Housing Executive is responsible for providing accommodation for anyone who is legally homeless. To be legally homeless you have to pass 4 tests. The first of these is homelessness. The other tests are eligibility, priority need and intentionality.

The Housing Executive is responsible for providing accommodation for anyone who is legally homeless. To be legally homeless you have to pass 4 tests including the Eligibility test. The other tests are priority need, homelessness and intentionality. You may not be eligible if you are a person from abroad or if the Housing Executive decides you are guilty of unacceptable behaviour. You must also pass a similar eligibility test in order to claim Housing Benefit and Universal Credit.

Temporary accommodation is given to people who don’t have a permanent home. The Housing Executive doesn’t have to arrange temporary accommodation for everyone but it does have to provide certain people with temporary accommodation.

If you have nowhere to live after your release from prison, you may need to look into emergency accommodation options, such as hostels and nightshelters.

Some of the decisions made by the Housing Executive can be challenged using your legal right to request a review. It’s best to get advice from a housing adviser, like those at Housing Rights, if you’re planning on doing this. The law allows you 28 days to ask for a review from the day you are notified of the decision.

The Housing Executive has a number of legal responsibilities surrounding homelessness. It provides advice and assistance to people who are homeless and, in some cases, is legally required to provide temporary and permanent accommodation to people.

Dacă Housing Executive stabilește că sunteți o persoană fără adăpost, s-ar putea să aveți dreptul la adăpost temporar până când investigația este completată. În cazul în care Housing Executive decide că îndepliniți condițiile pentru statut de Solicitant cu Regim Integral - Full Duty Applicant (FDA), vi se va oferi adăpost temporar până când o locuință permanentă devine disponibilă.

Ако Агенция Социални Жилища (Housing Executive) ви смята за бездомни, вие може да имате право на временно настаняване докато разследването приключи. Ако Агенция Социални Жилища (Housing Executive) реши, че отговаряте на състоянието потенциален(пълноценен) кандидат (FDA) тя ще ви предостави временно настаняване докато постоянно жилище се освободи.

You can ask your local Health & Social Care Trust or the Housing Executive to help you if you are 16 or 17 and have nowhere safe to live.


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