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Tenant Rights

Secure Housing Executive (NIHE) and housing association tenants can apply for a transfer to a different NIHE or housing association property. 

It's easy to be won over by a nicely decorated property, but you need to be sensible when deciding where to live. Consider your household's needs carefully and assess whether the location, size and style of the property suit these. You should also check the property thoroughly for signs of disrepair which may cause issues once you're living in the property.

The law gives Housing Executive certain rights. These rights will usually be summarised in your tenancy agreement and your tenant's handbook.

Вашите права могат да варират в зависимост от вида на наемането и споразумението, което имате с вашия наемодател. Въпреки това има няколко основни области, където законът ви дава права. Вашето наемно споразумение може да разшири вашите основни жилищни права, но не може да ограничи правата ви. Ако наемодателят ви е отказал някои от тези права, свържете се с агенция за съвети.

Secure Housing Executive (NIHE) and housing association tenants have a right to buy the home they live in, as long as they and the property are eligible for the scheme. Housing association tenants must apply by 28 August 2022. 

Be sure that you can afford your monthly rent, rates and any other associated costs. If you will be applying for housing benefit or Universal Credit to help you meet the costs of your rent, make sure that you find out how much help you are likely to be entitled to under the Local Housing Allowance rules. Benefit assistance with housing costs will not usually cover your full monthly rent.

Once you've been a tenant for 5 years you may be able to buy your home. The amount of discount you'll get increases depending on how long you've lived in the property. Some property types can't be bought because they are difficult to come by and needed for social housing stock.

Ако вашия наем започва на или след 1 април 2007 г., вие имате някои допълнителни основни права, дори когато нямате наемен договор.

You can buy all or part of your home. Regardless of how much of the property you buy, you will become responsible for all repairs and maintenance on the property once the sale has completed.

Legally, your landlord or the agent must give you a rent book. There is certain information which must be contained in this document, including your basic rights and obligations. If you don't get a rent book, you can complain to your local council.


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