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Tenant Rights

Ако вашия наем започва на или след 1 април 2007 г., вие имате някои допълнителни основни права, дори когато нямате наемен договор.

You can buy all or part of your home. Regardless of how much of the property you buy, you will become responsible for all repairs and maintenance on the property once the sale has completed.

Moving house is a stressful experience. Being well organised can help to minimise the difficulties you may encounter.

Existuje niekoľko základných práv, na ktoré zákon všetkých nájomníkov oprávňuje. Vaša nájomná zmluva vám nemôže uprieť vaše základné práva.

The law gives housing association tenants certain rights. Secure tenants have more rights than introductory tenants. You are an introductory tenant for the first year of your tenancy. After 12 months you’ll become a secure tenant.

It's important that you know and understand what your responsibilities are to the Housing Executive.

All private tenants have some basic legal rights. Your other rights can depend on when your tenancy started and what your tenancy agreement says.

Property sales are either on a leasehold or freehold basis. When you buy a freehold property you own the property and the land it sits on. If your property is a leasehold property you’ll have to pay an annual charge, known as ground rent, to the person who owns the freehold.

While your housing association has certain responsibilities to you, you also have certain responsibilities. These should be outlined in your tenancy agreement and your tenant's handbook.


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