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Tenant Rights

You should give your landlord a reasonable amount of time to carry out repairs. If you are having difficulty contacting your landlord or your landlord has refused to carry out essential repairs you may be able to get help from your local council.

The Housing Executive and housing associations have a number of responsibilities to their tenants. If you’re not happy with your landlord's service you can use the complaints procedure.

Ако наемете жилище от частен собственик, вие ставате "наемател" или "лицензополучател".

Важно е да се знае кои от тях сте, защото наемателите имат доста законни права, докато лицензополучателите много малко.

Когато сте под наем на частно, имате определени права и отговорности като наемател. По същия начин хазаина ви има отговорности към вас.

While the Housing Executive has certain responsibilities to you, you also have certain responsibilities. These should be outlined in your tenancy agreement and your tenant's handbook.

Protected tenancies are a type of rent-controlled tenancy. You could be a protected tenant and not be aware of this fact. If you are a protected tenant, the amount of rent that your landlord can legally charge you is restricted.

Вашите права могат да варират в зависимост от вида на наемането и споразумението, което имате с вашия наемодател. Въпреки това има няколко основни области, където законът ви дава права. Вашето наемно споразумение може да разшири вашите основни жилищни права, но не може да ограничи правата ви. Ако наемодателят ви е отказал някои от тези права, свържете се с агенция за съвети.

Your landlord must be very careful when trying to evict your from a protected tenancy. Unless the landlord can prove that certain criteria apply to your tenancy, any eviction could be illegal.

Getting repairs carried out can be a messy business. If the interior of your home is damaged by contractors carrying out repair or improvement work you could be entitled to compensation.


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