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Tenant Rights

It's easy to be won over by a nicely decorated property, but you need to be sensible when deciding where to live. Consider your household's needs carefully and assess whether the location, size and style of the property suit these. You should also check the property thoroughly for signs of disrepair which may cause issues once you're living in the property.

In order to lawfully evict you, your landlord must follow the correct legal procedure. Similarly, you must follow the correct procedure if you wish to leave the property.

Once you've been a tenant for 5 years you may be able to buy your home. The amount of discount you'll get increases depending on how long you've lived in the property. Some property types can't be bought because they are difficult to come by and needed for social housing stock.

Dacă închiriați o locuință de la un proprietar privat, efectiv închiriați în sectorul privat și deveniți sau ”chiriaș” sau ”locatar licențiat”.

Este important să știți în care din aceste două categorii vă încadrați, deoarece chiriașii dispun de o gamă de drepturi legale, pe când locatarii licențiați au foarte puține. Obțineți consiliere de la Housing Rights sau o altă agenție de consiliere dacă nu sunteți sigur de drepturile și obligațiile dvs. de chiriaș în sectorul privat.

The Right to Repair Scheme was set up to make sure that Housing Executive tenants get emergency and urgent repairs carried out within an acceptable timeframe. The Self Help scheme allows tenants to arrange for a private contractor to carry out certain repairs which the Housing Executive will then pay for.

În cazul în care închiriați în sectorul privat, aveți anumite drepturi și responsabilități ca și chiriaș. La fel și proprietarul dvs. are responsabilități față de dvs.

Be sure that you can afford your monthly rent, rates and any other associated costs. If you will be applying for housing benefit or Universal Credit to help you meet the costs of your rent, make sure that you find out how much help you are likely to be entitled to under the Local Housing Allowance rules. Benefit assistance with housing costs will not usually cover your full monthly rent.

You should give your landlord a reasonable amount of time to carry out repairs. If you are having difficulty contacting your landlord or your landlord has refused to carry out essential repairs you may be able to get help from your local council.

Drepturile dvs. pot varia în funcție de tipul de închiriere avut și de contractul încheiat cu proprietarul. Cu toate acestea, există mai multe domenii principale în care legea vă oferă drepturi. Contractul de închiriere pe care îl aveți poate să vă extindă drepturile locative, dar nu poate să reducă drepturile dvs. ca locatar.

Housing Executive and housing association tenants should only be evicted as a last resort. Your landlord should work with you to try and resolve any problems and should only decide to go to court to evict you if all other attempts to sort out the problem have failed.


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