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Housing advice for Northern Ireland



These templates can help you figure out how to write a letter about your housing problem. You'll need to save the templates to your desktop before you can use them.  You should then open them with Adobe Reader XI.

There are lots of organisations you can turn to for help with your problems.

You will have to pay stamp duty if your new home costs more than £125,000. This calculator from the Money Advice Service will help you figure out how much stamp duty you'll have to pay.

It's important that you keep up to date with changes in housing legislation, policy and practice to make sure that you are operating within the law. You may wish to consider taking part in an accredited training programme or joining a professional body. This type of training and support could help you deal with any problems that arise with your tenants and help you manage your properties effectively.

Use these calculators to work out where you can make savings and how long it will take you to repay your debts.

Letters about your housing problems can be confusing.  This list explains some of the more complicated terms that might be in your letters in simple language.  

Please let us know if there are any other terms you'd like us to include on this page. 

These calculators will help you work out what you can afford to borrow, what your stamp duty will be and how your payments will change if the interest rate increases.   

Use these letter templates if you need to negotiate with a lender, landlord or other creditor about debt problems

When you're preparing a budget or checking your income and expenditure, you need to make sure that your calculations are correct. It can be difficult converting a weekly payment into a monthly payment and vice versa and it's easy to make mistakes when you're doing this.


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