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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Tied accommodation

Tied accommodation is accommodation that is provided as a part of a person's job and is conditioned by the worker's continued employment with his/her employer. If you live in tied accommodation, you will generally lose the right to remain in the property if you lose your job.

Types of tied accommodation

There are three main types of arrangement where your employer provides housing:

  • the property is owned by your employer and you pay rent directly to the employer;
  • the property is owned by a third party and you pay directly to your employer who passes the payment to the owner of the property;
  • the property is owned by a third party and you pay the rent directly to the third party; the employer’s role is only to facilitate the arrangements.

Common problems for tenants

  • accommodation may be designed for a single person and therefore it is not easy for your partner or family to join you,
  • overcrowding can be a serious problem in tied accommodation,
  • dismissal from the job or employment agency usually results in you being evicted from your home,
  • absence of a tenancy agreement,
  • deduction of rent directly from wages,
  • rent charged as a proportion of wages,
  • rent charged by an employment agency is usually higher than rent charged by other private landlords for similar properties.

The Housing Executive has a legal duty to give housing advice and information on preventing homelessness to anyone who asks in Northern Ireland.