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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Help with housing costs through Universal Credit

Universal Credit includes help with rent costs and, as long as you meet certain conditions, with mortgage interest. You need to include your claim for housing costs as part of your larger Universal Credit application

If you aren’t already claiming Universal Credit, you will need to set up an account and start your claim. When you go through the online form, you will be asked about your housing costs.

The amount of help you’ll get towards your housing costs depends on a number of things. The housing costs element of UC is worked out differently for people who rent privately, people who rent from a social landlord and for homeowners.


You can’t get help with rates as part of your Universal Credit claim. Instead, you will be able to apply for a rates rebate. Land & Property Services will be in charge of managing the rates rebate system.

The housing costs element of Universal Credit can only help with costs on the home you are actually living in. It is sometimes possible to get help with the housing costs for a home you aren’t living in, but this depends on your reasons for not staying there. It’s also possible to get housing costs paid on two homes, but only in very limited circumstances.


You need to update your Universal Credit account if you move home.

You may be able to get some extra financial help if you are getting the housing costs element of Universal Credit but you are still struggling with your housing costs.