When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Universal Credit housing costs for homeowners

You can receive a loan to help pay the interest on your mortgage or secured loans, but only if you meet certain conditions.

  • You can only get this loan after you’ve been receiving UC for nine months, (although, if you were previously receiving another benefit and were forced over to UC, you may be able to get it sooner)
  • You can’t get this loan if you are receiving any wages.

Paying back what you’ve borrowed

Any money paid to your mortgage or loan lender will have to be paid back when you sell the property or when the property is transferred to another owner. You will have to pay interest on what you borrow, but the amount charged is reasonably low.

Starting back at work

You need to tell UC if there is a change in your circumstances. If, for example, you start a new job or are given a temporary contract, you’ll need to update your journal or tell your work coach.

Once you start earning, the payments to your lender to cover your mortgage or loan will stop. If you stop working again, you’ll have to wait another nine months before these payments will restart.