When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Universal Credit for rent on 2 homes

Universal Credit can help you to pay rent on 2 different homes, but only if

  • you are a large family living in two homes, or
  • you're renting a 2nd home because of domestic violence and plan to move back to your original home

Large family living in 2 homes

You can get help with rent on 2 homes, if 

  • you rent from the Housing Executive or a housing association, and
  • the landlord gave you 2 homes because there are so many children or young people in your household

Not ready to go back to your own home because of a fear of violence

You can get help with the rent on 2 homes for up to 12 months if

  • You've moved out of your normal home to live somewhere else and
  • You plan to return to your home, but
  • You can't return yet because there's a risk that someone living in that home or a former partner will be violent towards you or a child or young person who lives with you.

Can Universal Credit pay 2 rents in any other cases?

No, Universal Credit will only pay for 2 rents in the cases above.  

This is a change from the Housing Benefit rules, where you could get help with 2 rents for 4 weeks if you had to move house.

Can Universal Credit pay your rent before you move into a property?

Universal Credit will usually only help with rent after you've moved into a property. But, Universal Credit can pay rent on a home before you move into it if your move was delayed because

  • your new home needs adaptations before you can move in, or
  • you couldn't move in when you were supposed to because you were in hospital.

Get advice if you have questions about Universal Credit or paying your rent.