When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Getting UC help with housing costs on two homes

Universal Credit can sometimes help with housing costs on more than one property, but this is rare.

Large family living in two homes

You can get the housing costs element for two homes indefinitely, if

  • Your landlord is the Housing Executive or a housing association, and
  • There are so many children or young people in your household that you have been housed in two different dwellings
  • You normally live in both dwellings with children or young people and
  • You are legally required to pay rent on both properties.

Fear of violence

Universal Credit can give you help with the housing costs on two properties for up to 12 months if

  • You have left your normal home and you are living somewhere else and
  • You can’t safely return to your normal home because of a risk of violence in the home or from a former partner towards you or a child or young person, and
  • You intend to return to your normal home, and
  • You are legally responsible for paying housing costs on both properties.  

Giving notice

Universal Credit won’t give you help with the housing costs on two homes to cover the notice you have to give your landlord if you want to move out.

Unless your move has been delayed because of adaptations or because you have been in hospital, you will only be able to get help with a new home from the date you move in.