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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

What happens to your UC housing costs if you move home?

You need to update your Universal Credit account if your circumstances change. This includes telling them that you've moved home.

How do you tell universal credit about a change in circumstances?

You can tell Universal Credit about a change in your circumstances, by

  • Logging into your account or
  • Calling the UC helpline on 0800 012 1331

What happens when you move?

If you are a tenant, you will have to tell universal credit

  • Your new address
  • Your new landlord's name and contact details
  • What you have to pay for rent and service charges for your new home.

You will probably have to give your work coach a copy of your new tenancy agreement to prove these changes.

How does moving change how much help you get with rent?

Universal Credit is a monthly benefit. Everyone has an assessment period that lasts for one month. A change in circumstances is usually backdated to the start of your assessment period, even if it happened at the very end of it. 

This can cause problems paying rent. It might mean 

  • you get more or less money towards your rent than you expected, or
  • your rent is paid to a different person than you expected, or
  • your new landlord gets more money than they should, or
  • your old landlord does not get the money they should have.

Get advice if you get Universal Credit and you are planning on moving home.