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How much will my UC housing costs element be?

The amount of help you’ll get towards your housing costs depends on a number of things.

The housing costs element of UC is worked out differently for people who rent privately, people who rent from a social landlord and for homeowners.

For a while, it was difficult to get Universal Credit to help with your rent payments if you were under 22. Since 31 December 2018, this restriction has ended and young people aged 18-21 can get the same help with housing costs as other Universal Credit claimants. 

The amount of help you will get with your housing costs depends on your age, your location and on how many people live with you. 

Universal Credit can help you to pay your rent and certain service charges if you rent your home from the Housing Executive or a housing association.

As long as you meet certain conditions, you can get a loan to help with the interest payments on your mortgage. But, you will have to wait 9 months from the date you first apply for Universal Credit to get this help and it won't be backdated. 

You can’t use UC to pay for most temporary housing. But, you can apply for Housing Benefit to help with this cost and still claim other elements of UC to help with your daily living costs.


An amount will be taken away from your UC housing costs payment if there are other non-dependent adults living in your home who should be contributing to the household’s costs.