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Watch what happens at a repossession hearing

If you have to go to court because you've fallen behind on your mortgage payments, don't be intimidated or scared about going.  Your hearing will happen in private and you may be able to get an adviser from Housing Rights to go to it with you.  This video, shot in the Royal Courts of Justice, will show you exactly what will happen if you have to go to court for a possession hearing.  

All mortgage and secured loan possession hearings in Northern Ireland are heard in the Chancery Division of the Royal Courts of Justice.  You can get directions using Google maps.

If you're worried about going to court, you can contact our advice service and speak free and confidentially to someone from our Mortgage Debt Advice Service.  Housing Rights may even have an adviser working in court on the day of your hearing who can give you free advice and representation. 

If you would like to view this video with captions, please click on the captions icon on the video's toolbar.