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Changes to disability benefits

For years, people who needed extra financial support to cope with a disability received Disability Living Allowance. This allowance is now being replaced by a new payment, the Personal Independence Payment.

If you are over 18 and under pension age, you will be assessed for PIP if you need extra financial help because of a disability.  Children will still be able to claim DLA. 

If you have a disability, you may be entitled to some financial help with the costs of managing that disability. Personal Independence Payments, or PIP, is a new benefit which replaces Disability Living Allowance. 

PIP is not means-tested. This means that you can receive this benefit even if you have other income. Any PIP that you receive will not be counted as income when you are assessed for other benefits, like Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

There are three stages to making a PIP claim. You’ll have to complete an initial application during a phone interview, then an application form and then you may be asked to attend a medical assessment.

Some people will do better under PIP and some people will lose out. The Northern Ireland Assembly has made extra money available to help people who are less well-off under PIP. These people can get a welfare supplementary payment.  There are three types of payments for people moving from DLA to PIP.