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Financial help after moving from DLA to PIP in Northern Ireland

During the next few years, most of the people who are currently claiming DLA will be asked to reapply for PIP. Some people will do better under PIP and some people will lose out. The Northern Ireland Assembly has made extra money available to help people who are less well-off under PIP. These people can get a welfare supplementary payment.  There are three types of payments for people moving from DLA to PIP.

Not entitled to any PIP

You can get a supplementary payment equal to your old DLA amount if

  • You transfer to PIP but don’t receive enough points to qualify for an award and
  • You decide to appeal this decision.

You will get this payment until your appeal has been decided or until the end of March 2020, whichever happens sooner.

You must ask for a mandatory reconsideration before you can request an appeal. You should do this as soon as you get a decision letter from the PIP centre.

Receiving less PIP than DLA

You should automatically receive a supplementary payment if

  • You move from DLA to PIP and
  • You receive some PIP, but
  • Your PIP award is at least £10 less than your DLA award.

The amount that you receive will be 75% of the difference between your DLA and your PIP.

You will receive this money for one year from when the payment started or until 31 March 2020, whichever happens first.

Receiving less PIP and have a conflict-related injury

You could also get a supplementary payment if you have a conflict related injury. You will get this payment if

  • You previously received DLA and
  • You score at least four points for either mobility or daily living in your PIP assessment and
  • You have a conflict related injury.

This payment will be £21.80 per week and will be paid for one year from when the payment started or until 31 March 2020, whichever happens first.

Getting advice on moving from DLA to PIP

Call 0808 802 0020 if you have any questions about the move from DLA to PIP.

The Citizens Advice website has some really useful information about making a claim for PIP.

Although you may receive a payment to compensate you for losing your DLA, the amount that you receive in Housing Benefit could be affected and you won’t get any extra money for this. If you’re struggling with your rent because of welfare reform changes, call Housing Rights for advice.