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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Working out and paying your rates bill

Your rate bill is worked out by multiplying the capital value of your property by the total of the domestic regional rate and the domestic district rate. The regional rate is set by the NI Assembly each year.  The district rates are set by each local council. 

You can find out the capital value of your property on Land & Property Service’s website.  Once you know the capital value of your property, you can use NI Direct to work out how much your rates bill will be.

Appealing the capital value

You can appeal the capital value of your home if you think it is too high.  You need to keep paying your rates while you appeal. If your rates are reduced as a result of your appeal, Land & Property Services will refund any amount overpaid along with interest.

The appeal process consists of three stages:

  • contact Land & Property Services for initial application;
  • contact the Commissioner of Valuation at Land & Property Services if you are still unhappy;
  • make a further appeal to the Northern Ireland Independent Valuation Tribunal.

Paying your rates

You can pay your rates in a variety of ways

  • by direct debit
  • in a lump sum
  • in instalments using the QuickPay card attached to your bill.

If you don’t pay your rates Land & Property Services may take you to court.  An advice agency may be able to help you deal with Land & Property Services if you’ve fallen behind on your rates payments.

Help with your rates

Whether you own or rent your home, you could be entitled to housing benefit to help with your rates or to rate relief if you’re on a low income.