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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Your responsibilities as a housing association tenant

Your responsibilities are set out in your tenancy agreement and tenant handbook.  There are certain things you must do.  If you don’t, the Housing Executive or your housing association could take steps to end your tenancy.

Tenant responsibilities

You have to:

  • pay the rent and the rates when they are due
  • keep your property and its yard or garden in good condition
  • carry out the repairs which are your responsibility
  • replace items that are damaged by accident or because they haven’t been looked after properly
  • let your landlord know immediately when something need to be repaired
  • make sure that you or anyone visiting your home isn’t causing anti social behaviour
  • leave the property in a decent, clean condition if you decide to end your tenancy.

Getting your landlord’s permission

It’s a good idea to keep your housing association informed about any changes to your household or your property.  You have to get permission from your landlord if you want to

  • exchange your accommodation
  • transfer to another Housing Executive or housing association home
  • sublet part of your property
  • decorate the outside of your property
  • make alterations or improvements to your property
  • add a shed or a loft to the property
  • keep more than one pet

When you get permission, keep a copy of the letter just in case any problems crop up down the line.