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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Compensation for damage and redecoration

You may get compensation if your landlord damages your home or you've improved it.

You could get

  • a redecoration payment,
  • compensation under a public liability claim, or
  • compensation for improvements you paid for

Private landlords don't have to compensate their tenants for damages or home improvements. 

Redecoration payments

You can apply for a redecoration payment if

  • your landlord was doing work in your home, and
  • they damaged your decor during this work.

Contact your landlord to apply for a redecoration payment. 

The amount you get depends on

  • what room or rooms were damaged, and
  • your financial and household circumstances.

There are two rates of payment. The higher rate is only paid if 

  • you're not physically capable of doing the work yourself 
  • no-one else can do the work for you (e.g. someone in your home or a community scheme)
  • and you're on certain benefits.

Visit the Department of Communities website to find the rates of payment.

Your payment can be reduced if you owe your landlord money for rent or other charges.

Public liability claims

You can claim on your landlord's public liability insurance if you had a loss because your landlord was negligent. This includes

  • getting an injury
  • damage to your home
  • damage to your possessions.

Ask your landlord for a public liability claim form. 

You'll need to prove that your landlord's negligence caused your loss or injury. 

Compensation for improvements

You can get compensation if you make certain improvements to your home. 

You have to apply for compensation within 2 weeks of ending your tenancy. 

You may get compensation if you paid for any of the following things after September 2002

  • installing a new bath, shower or kitchen sink
  • cavity wall or loft insulation
  • replacing windows or fitting secondary glazing
  • draughtproofing outside doors or windows
  • insulating pipes, water tanks or cylinders
  • rewiring
  • adding power points, lighting points or smoke detectors.

You can claim for the cost of materials and skilled labour you paid for.

No right to compensation

You won't get compensation if you made improvements without your landlord's permission.

You can't claim for improvements valued at less than £50.  

You can't get compensation if you